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Details about DSW560 kitchen food waste disposer

Product Description China kitchen food waste disposal machine details:  Dengshang brand kitchen food waste disposer series home kitchen food waste disposer covers AC and DC motor with hosrepower from 1/2HP,3/4HP and 1HP. It is very good kitchen appliance to grind the food waste into small particles and flush away to the sewage system to keep the kitchen clean and tidy.It is the tendancy that in the following years,the food waste disposer will become standard kitchen appliance in the kitchen.Unique design and many innovattive features enhance the products performance and the quality Model DSW-560 Features 1.Very low noise during working, noise level is around 20-30dB2.Try 3 times  auto-reverse grinding when jammed 3.With Circuit current boosting function when jammed 4.With 10 minutes time control to stop the food waste disposer working when customer forget to turn off the product. 5.Standard color:gray,blue,orange,yellow,black.Special color can be tailored. 6.Mounting system is with locking system to prevent mounting system loose 7.Grinding system is 100% stainless steel 304 8.Grinding stage:2 stage or 3 stage for option 9.Grinding Chamber and Seat:Aluminum Alloy 10.Batch feeding device:Optional 11.With build-in switch and other related complete accessory Size  8.9inch*8.9inch*10.1inch(L W H) Weight  10.5KG

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kitchen food garbage disposal units

kitchen food Waste disposal units are normally installed directly to the bottom of  a kitchen sink and grinds the soft food garbage  (such as vegetable peelings, tea bags, fruit stones, fruit skins, nutshells, corncobs, crust etc.) to a tiny piece

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how to Install a Garbage Disposal

Kitchen Garbage disposals are efficient, safe and virtually trouble-free devices that anyone who knows how to use a screwdriver and wrench can install it in a few hours. it does not take you much time, Due to its operation mode,

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how to clean your kitchen garbage disposal

Kitchen sink garbage disposals are wondrous appliances, helping to clean away unwanted food scraps. Even though they are normally self-cleaning,kitchen garbage disposal need a little attention from time to time. This keeps them in tip-top condition and prevents odors .

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we are on a holiday of Chinese Traditional Spring Festival

Hi,Everyone. This is Andrew from Dengshang company, I write this piece of article to notice you that we are going on our chinese traditional spring festival now, for about half a month since 2015/02/15-2015/02/30. During this period,we are not able