food waste disposer keywords result on baidu search engine

The problem  listed here:

1. open

2. type keyword“food waste disposer” in the tex input box.

3. A result as like this(the product picture showed as circled):


now,i have a question: this is some brand of product picture showed in left besides the text. why is this image,not others? same products on ,are so many.

when you click on this snapshot, entering the ,the search result as like this(the circled image as our product):


our food waste dispoer ranked well in based on keyword”food waste disposer”. but the product of the image showed on is not. so why on showing its image of product, why not us?

is there any way to make clear this problem?  so how the search enginee to due with the product image as the one showed in the search result?

what can we do to rank our single product page well in such enginee like baidu,yahoo,bing and google?


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