what can we to do when the garbage disposal jammed

how to fox a garbage disposalJust given that the reset button on a kitchen garbage disposer doesn’t work doesn’t mean that you’re going to buy a new one instead Fix a garbage disposal when the reset button doesn’t work with help of following steps:

First of all, let me show a few stuff that you may want to have useful before you get under your kitchen sink. Go ahead and get a small torch, your Hex wrench that came with the garbage disposer and a small piece of mirror. All three of these stuff will help you go ahead and get the disposal fixed. Before you get started the first important thing you want to do is power off your garbage disposal. Make sure you’re safe and no power with disposal .

The second thing what you want to do is go ahead and use your torch, looking inside there. The reason that the rest button normally is not allowing you to use it is because something is crammed in the swing blades. And so you want to see if you can find anything. If so don’t put your hands in there but take a long pliers and pull out some of the larger stuff that you can see and allow that to be free. Next what you want to do is go underneath your disposal and find that area where you put in your hex wrench. At that point go ahead and put in your hex wrench and move that back and forth, do that more times. That will really help removing the stuff among the blade which is jammed. Then you want to go ahead and press the reset button and reset it back . Put your kitchen garbage disposal back together with the power plug. You want to go ahead and plug it back in, turn it on, and that is how you fix your garbage disposal when the reset button isn’t working.

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