kitchen food garbage disposal units

kitchen food Waste disposal units are normally installed directly to the bottom of  a kitchen sink and grinds the soft food garbage  (such as vegetable peelings, tea bags, fruit stones, fruit skins, nutshells, corncobs, crust etc.) to a tiny piece pulp, before it is flushed out into the sewerage pipe by flowing water to the drain. The  food garbage that grind into pulp  can then flow down the drain without blocking it.

ktichen garbage disposal unit

M series disposal

Fitting to Sink

Most models of garbage disposal units are designed to fit to 114mm sink hole(Standard in China), but other countries, maybe in size of 140mm, 180mm.  Some sinks come with the larger outlet; double sinks often have a larger outlet in one bowl and a standard outlet in the other – this suits most installations as one bowl will be a ‘normal’ sink with the other one having a garbage disposal unit.

Some food waste disposal units are designed to fit a smaller 38mm (1½ inch) outlet, there are not so many on the market as for the larger outlet and tend not to work so well. It may be possible to enlarge a smaller outlet hole in an aluminium sinks to 89mm – a local hire shop may be able to provide a suitable cutter.

Most food garbage disposal units do not cater for connecting the overflow outlet from the sink, if required the hose from the overflow on the sink should be routed into the waste trap after the disposal unit.

Garbage disposal units vary in size from model to model; sometimes the gap between the underside of the sink and the shelf inside the kitchen unit will be too small for the waste disposer unit to fit without either removing the shelf completely or cutting the shelf directly under the waste disposal unit to allow room.

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