kitchen sink garbage disposals Do’s and Don’ts


  • Do run a full stream of cold water while before the machine working,before and after its grinding. Then let the cold water run for at least half a minute after you power off the garbage disposal. The cold water helps keep fats in solid form, so they don’t clog up your disposal. And more, the cold water helps to keep your sink garbaeg disposal’s motor cool while it is running, which helps to extend your disposal’s life.
  • Do put only soft food garbage items into your sink garbage disposal. Hard food waste materials like big bones,steel,etc. will damage your disposal.
  • Do check for leaks frequently. Your disposal has flanges, gaskets and pipe connections, and these can be a source of leaks which can lead to mold, pest infestations, etc. in the cabinets under your sink.


Now let’s look at what you should NOT do with your sink garbage disposal:

  • Don’t ever put your hand in the sink garbage disposal, even when it is turned off. The sharp blades can cause serious injury even when they are not rotates.
  • Don’t pour bleach in the sink, as bleach can damage your disposal’s seals. If you are concerned about smells from your disposal, then you can treat your waste disposal with baking soda and vinegar.
  • Don’t leave dish rags in the area near your sink. The rags may slip into the sink waste disposal and be very difficult to remove when they bind up the impeller of your disposal
  • Don’t overfill your garbage disposal. This will create too much pressure on the system causing it to bog down, which hurts your motor.
  • Don’t turn off your food garbage disposal while it is still grinding. Be sure all grinding is completed, and then let the cold water run for another 15 seconds to be sure everything is flushed out.
  • Don’t put grease, egg shells, potato peels or fibrous foods like corn husks into your disposal. Egg shells and potato peels can lead to build-up in your pipes. And fibrous foods like corn husks can tangle and jam the blades, which hurts your motor. Pasta and rice expand when soaked in water, and tend to clog up your pipes. Coffee grounds, plastic, paper, etc. not only can damage your disposal, but can also clog up your pipes. Remember: a garbage disposal is NOT a trash can. Only put bio-degradable food waste into your garbage disposal.


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