How to maintain kitchen garbage disposal?

kitchen sink garbage disposerkitchen Garbage disposals are very helpful for removing rest leftovers,expired food and discarded peels.However we normally think the our disposals are very strong and do not need our maintain.This is a wrong idea.Please maintain the garbage disposer according to below proposals.Don’t wait to search for useful tips until the garbage disposals become blocked or stopping working.

Tip 1: Start up the disposal frequently
Run the ktichen waste disposal time to time.Even if you don’t have anything to grind,please also turn on the water and disposal each day for moving those components.Otherwise,the disposal can freeze up,rust or corrode.Although our food waste disposal’s grinding plate is Stainless steel 304,it still need to do excersize.just like people.Moving is always better than static.

Tip 2:Use cold water
Run cold water—not hot—when using your kitchen garbage disposal.Many people though it should be a  good idea to use hot water to flush the waste disposal.However,not for your garbage disposal.
Hot water can melt the waste food  you want to grind up,which make the waste to cling to the grinding wall.
Cold water harden the food to make garbage disposal easier to grind and flush into the drain pipe.

Tip 3:Run disposal longer
After the food garbage disposal finishes grinding,please let the cold water continously run for one minute,which help to flush out the rest waste and to prevent clogs.

Tip 4:Cut the food garbage into small pieces and don’t put big ones into the garbage disposal
This is home use kitchen garbage disposal,not for commerical .So please cut waste into smaller pieces and don’t try to throw big and hard bone into the sink garbage disposal.It will cause the motor overloaded or the grinding componenets jammed.

Tip 5:grind lemon and orange such fruit
Soap and cold water will keep your kitchen garbage disposal clean,however if you put a few piece of orange or lemon peel into the garbage disposal,the peel will help clear the rest waste in the disposal and also remove unpleasant odors.

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