anti-jam wrench for kitchen food waste disposer

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kitchen food waste disposer calibration tool to adjust the spiral plate when jammed or clogged.
anti-jam wrench for food waste disposal
Material:Stainless steel #304
It can clean the jam of disposer easily.
kitchen garbage disposal ’s unclogged wrench

Material:Stainless steel.
It is used to solve the problem of jam when the disposer’s jam.
It is very easy to operate.Just cut off the power supply of food waste disosal,put the wrench into the drainhouse,clean the jammed object.Then push the reset button of disposal.

Garbage disposal spanner wrench

wrench for food waste disposer


Garbage disposal spanner wrench for kitchen food waste disposer

kitchen garbage disposal calibration tool

food waste disposer spanner

spanner for garbage disposal

kitchen garbage disposal clogged release tool

kitchen garbage disposal jam release tool


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