DSKB-560AF kitchen food waste disposal machine

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This  3/4 horsepower food waste disposal machine has a high RPM and high torque, to grind food finer and faster. As a small kitchen appliance, it provides more grinding power and less jamming, saving you time, water energy and money. Our reliable food waste disposer is equipped with high-speed rotation and is powered with permanent magnet motors. And it comes with following features.

Dengshang Food Waste Disposer:

* Uses Less Energy

* Lower Current Draw

* Uses Less Water

* With double hollow structured,

* Aluminum grinding system with a lifespan of 10-12 years

* Blunt, durable grinding lugs that can rotate 360 degree

* Fast locking technology, easy to install

* Self-developed time-control equipment (optional accessory)

* Dishwasher interface.

* Casting alloy two-sided rotating heads.

* High-performance rubber oil seals.

* High torque painting silent permanent magnet motor.

* Permanent magnet motor technology grinds food waste quickly, using less water

* Corrosion proof stainless steel rust- free grinding components

* Fast and easy mount system provides a no hassle installation

* Bottom mounted reset button

* Safe for properly sized septic tanks

* Sound insulated for quiet operation

* power core attached


It is the latest industrial technology after 3 stages grinding system and is the model of the whole food waste disposal industry
1. Three layers grinding plate system ensure food waste diameter less than 3mm.
2. Especially the fibre food waste is truly grinded into the diameter less than 3mm ,which ensure no jam for the machine and waste pipe.
3. Motor is Simens brand ,which extend 3 lifespan
4. good chamber design and using good noise absortion material,the noise level is much quiter than other brand
5. The grinding capacity is much faster without residue

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