DSM560 kitchen sink waste disposal

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Dengshang DSM-560B kitchen garbage disposal has a high RPM and high torque, to grind food finer and faster. And it provides more grinding power and less jamming, saving you time, water energy and money. Our reliable household sink garbage disposer is equipped with high-speed rotation and is powered with permanent magnet motors. MultiGrind Technology to quickly grind difficult food waste And it comes with following features.

1,All stainless steel feeding mouth
2,Fast locking technology makes the disposer easy to install
3,Special car sound-absorbing material inside of the grinding room
4,All alloy stainless steel lugs
5,Aluminum alloy and environment friendly plastic formed grinding room
6,Specialized Filter block
7,Multiple color choices
8.Unique rotating pusher moves water clear the grinding system

M series also uses AC induction motor inside, the grinding chamber room of which is made by aluminum alloy and environment friendly plastic, which can ensure less energy consumption and high efficiency. 
The all-stainless steel grind system can enhance the grinding system’s lifetime to its maximum. 
There is a rotating booster at the grinding plate, which can move water to clear the grinding chamber room. 
M series can also be divided into 2-stage and 3-stage grind, suitable for different food waste structure and different customer’s need .

Feed Type:    Continuous
Type of Motor:    Induction Motor
Grinding Chamber Material: PA66+30%GF
Feature: Air Switch Control, Can Be Connected Dish Washer, Overload Protector, Sound Insulation, Stainless Steel Grinding Elements
Certification:    CE, CB,RoHS
Motor: AC motor
Input power: 560w
Capacity: 1200ml
Frequency (Hz):     50/60
Rating (Rpm):    1480
Power of Motor (Hp):  0.75
Voltage (V):    220-250V/110V-130V
Noise level: 40-50dB
Air switch: included
Grind stage: 2,3
Auto Reverse: No
Warranty: 3 years
Net&Gross Weight: 8.5 & 8.9 kgs
Model Number:    DSM-560A/B

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