To get under the skin of the UK’s busy kitchen equipment replacement market Electrolux Professional UK held research with [300 chefs] and kitchen operatives.The focus was to find out how kitchen teams replace failed or out of date equipment, and difficulties which come with any kitchen downtime.

Cooking Suite
Space and covers tend to be the issue here with teams needing to create a larger number of high quality meals in a smaller space. 17 per cent of the chefs we spoke to had replaced this in the 12 months.

Light catering equipment / dynamic prep
This equipment saves on preparation time and is often used on a daily basis leading to a higher percentage of breakdowns. kitchen sink waste crusher

Refrigeration is a 24/7 product and is the third most frequently replaced product area. In fact between 2009 and 2013 the refrigeration equipment sector grew by 20.4 per cent due to better efficiencies from new ranges and improved aesthetics.

Due to the often intense usage of frying equipment, especially in high turnover outlets they tend to require more maintenance and servicing.

Dishwashers were the fifth most replaced piece of equipment and are almost always replaced as a distress purchase.

Stuart Flint, Regional Training & Development Manager at Electrolux Professional said; “It is no surprise to see refrigeration and cooking ranges ranking amongst the highest most recently replaced items as there have been so many advancements in these technology areas in recent years, enabling chefs to improve the versatility of their kitchen, while enhancing energy efficiency.”

This essay digested from https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-five-pieces-kitchen-equipment-replaced-most-commonly-julie-fell

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