what is made of a sink garbage disposal

A sink garbae disposal also known as food wate grinder,to chop up these kitchen sink food garbage until it becomes small enough to go out through the small holes in the edge of the impeller blades of the garbage disposal unitYou can think of your sink garbage disposal as being like an industrial strength food grinder. Just like a food grinder, your garbage disposal unit uses sharp impeller blades to chop  of the sink food waste.


view of kitchen garbage disposal unitOk,Let’s begin with  the key parts of your garbage disposal and how they work:

  • Rubber splash guards and stopper: There are two types of sink garbage disposal unit: continuous feed and batch feed styles. The only basic difference is how they turned on. Continuous feed disposals will have a rubber splash guards at the bottom of the sink, and after food is pushed through the rubber splash guards into the disposal unit, you need to turn the air switch on to make the disposal unit starting work. The purpose of the rubber splash guards at the top of the disposal is to keep food waste from flying out of the operating disposer. A rubber stopper can be placed in the disposal to hold water in the sink when you're not using the disposal. And with “batch feed” style of sink garbage disposal, you place a special stopper in the disposal opening and turn it, so it can activate a switch that turns the disposal on. Sink Flange: This is a metal bracket that holds your sink garbage disposal to your sink tightly. With all of  grinding of your disposal, this flange can become loose and begin to leak water.so you should check this place to see whether it is tight or not.
  • Body: The body of ktichen garbage disposal is the metal housing or ABS plastic sorrounded which holds your garbage disposal.

  • Impeller Blades: The impeller blades are the very sharp metal cutters which spins at a high speed to chop up your food waste.it usually is made of stainless steel.

  • Motor: The electric motor at the base of your garbage disposal or middle is what makes power to make your impeller blades to whirling around. and Motors can be divided into 2 types: Commutator motor and Induction motor.

  • Power Cord: The power cord is what brings electricity to the motor.it usually directly connected to the bottom of disposals and it is not detachable

  • Reset Button: The reset button is placed at the bottom of your sink garbage disposal, and it pops out when the motor on your garbage disposal has a problem of internal electric current breaks.

  • Crank Socket: The crank socket is located in the center of the bottom of your disposal, and this socket is where you can put in a large hexagon wrench to turn the motor back and forth to free up things that are stucking the impeller blades,but be attention,do this when the disposal is power off.

  • Drain Piping: The drain piping is where the chopped up garbage and water flushed out your sink garbage disposal.

  • Dishwasher port: If you have a dishwasher, then your ktichen garbage disposal will have a connection port to make a connection to your dishwasher with pipe.

  • Waste line connector: The waste line connector is as like as dishwasher port,it also connected to drain piping.

  • Air Break: And finally, if your dishwasher is connected to your garbage disposal, then it should have an “air break,” which is a device that prevents dirty water from your drain pipe from ever being flow back into your dishwasher.

  • Air switch component: A bulged hole located at the bottom of waste disposal that will connected to the air switch button which installed on the sink top. a switch button and with its air tube,that can make the disposal on and off.